COMET L3D – סורק אור כחול

סורק COMET L3D הינו מערכת אשר מתאימה את עצמה בצורה מושלמת לצרכים ההולכים וגוברים של התעשייה בתחום של פיתוח והבטחת איכות בפרט. COMET L3D הינה המערכת האידיאלית ליישומים מיוחדים מאחר והיא בעלת יכולות ייחודיות וקלות השימוש בה.

  • תפעול נוח ופשוט של המערכת והתוכנה
  • עמידה בטווח רחב של טמפרטורות
  • שינוי של שדה המדידה בקלות
  • ניידת
  • The extremely compact 3D-sensor COMET LƎD is a high-performance yet cost-effective entry level solution and opens up new dimensions in efficient 3D data acquisition.
  • Fast
    3D data acquisition with the COMET LƎD is sensationally fast. The extremely short measurement time and the simple-to-use software allow efficient measurements.
  • Innovative
    COMET LƎD uses innovative, maintenance-free and cost-effective LED lighting technology with a long life. With its new and unique LED pulse mode delivering a high light output, the system guarantees excellent measurement results even in difficult ambient conditions. The sensor housing with the proven single-camera technology from ZEISS Optotechnik and the complete measurement setup are ultracompact and lightweight for easy portability.
  • Accurate
    Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate results, COMET LƎD is also ideal for demanding applications in quality assurance.
  • Areas of application
      Quality control / inspection
    Mold and model making
    Rapid Manufacturing
    Reverse Engineering
    Archaeology, documentation of art-historical objects, etc.
  • Easy
    The COMET LƎD sensor is ready to run in minimum time. Conventional camera/video stands for positioningthe measuring head make handling very easy and efficient. The short working distance ensures ease of use even in confined areas. Changing the field of view is also quick and simple – all you need to do is change the lens.
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סקירת המוצר וביצוע הדגמה של סריקת תלת מימד

Steinbichler Optotechnik proudly presents COMET L3D – a bright new star in the 3D digitizing universe. Featuring innovative LED lighting technology, the extremely compact high-performance 3D sensor adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition.The new ultra-portable sensor makes 3D data acquisition even faster, easier and more accurate. It is the ideal cost-effective entry level solution for users who want to take advantage of the extensive functionality of optical metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality.

COMET L3D performs excellently even in demanding applications such as quality assurance. Its rugged design, the dustproof enclosure for the optical components of the sensor head, and the high-quality connectors allow use in industrial environments. The sensor is controlled via an industrial standard CAN bus interface. Thanks to its ultra-compact size and light weight, you can position the sensor using standard accessories (e.g. camera stands). Transport, setup and commissioning of the overall system take very little effort. Designed for easy handling and use, COMET L3D offers you maximum flexibility and efficiency in all your measurement tasks.

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