Compact battery powered portable instrument

DC powered, external AC converter included
Fully battery-powered by stackable battery pack
High accuracy, 16, 22 or 24 bit resolution
Fast sampling, 100 kS/s up to 1 MS/s per channel
Powerful Intel® Core™2 Duo PC inside
Rugged Solid State Disk
Up to 40 MB/s data storage
Bright 13” WXGA display with LED backlight
Stereo audio speakers
WLAN interface


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Any analog sensors and signals via modular signal conditioning, up to 16 internal channels
Digital inputs/outputs, up to 32 inputs and 8 outputs
Counter/encoder inputs, up to 10
CAN bus interfaces, up to 2
Video via FireWire® or USB
Synchronisation via SYNC interface or IRIG or GPS
Communication via WLAN, LAN, USB, RS-232

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