DM Green Series 20-100mJ

High Pulse Energy Green Laser


  • Patented highest pulse energy green laser
  • Simplest, most efficient, compact monolithic laser head
  • Diode lifetime of > 10,000 hours
  • Optimized for pumping PIV and Ti:Sapphire amplifiers
  • Pulse energy up to 100 mJ
  • Proprietary twin pulse option
  • Dual head option*
  • Twin pulse option†
  • Uniform beam profile
  • Excellent pulse to pulse stability (~ 0.5% RMS)
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All models can be configured as Dual Head, please see DM Dual Head series
PI’s patented twin pulse mode provides double pulses from a single trigger signal from the single laser head. Energy ratio of the twin pulses and pulse separation between the twin pulses is user programmable

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