Dual Head Laser Nd:YLF Laser PHOTONICS

DM20/30/40-527-DH | DM50/60-527-DH | DM100-527-DH | DM200-532-DH


  • Repetition rate from:
    • Single shot to 10kHz for YLF
    • 1kHz to 30kHz for YAG
  • Reliable diode pumped technology
  • Proven industrial 24/7 reliability
  • Compact form factor
  • Output at 532nm or 527nm
  • Excellent energy stability for reduced noise
  • Beam profile optimized for homogenous illumination and light sheet generation
  • Optimized for PIV performance
  • Comparable pulses for perfect correlation
  • Highest energy per pulse for more illumination

*PI offers any of its DM Series lasers in a Dual Head (DH) option.
This option, which combines the output from two identical lasers in an external beam combination box, allows the flexibility for the user to adjust the beams.
In addition to short temporal pulse separation, this has the advantage of polarization, energy, and/or alignment independence.
In addition, the two lasers can be triggered independently or simultaneously. What is sacrificed in compactness is gained in user flexibility.
* DM200-532-DH is a non-standard product, please contact us for specs

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