System series

LASOS Laser – Multi-wavelength modules and beam combiner

  • Different designs for compact and felixble solutions
  • Benchtop devices and fully installable sub-systems
  • Free beam or fiber output
  • Different options for beam collimating and combining

Fields of Application


MCS 4 / MCSL 4 series

– Combines up to 4 wavelengths into one or two fiber outputs

– RGB broad band fiber with optional separate IR filter

– Customized wavelengths and output power combinations

MCS 6 series

– Delivers up to 6 wavelengths with fiber output from a standard 19" housing

– Customized wavelength and output power combinations

– Optional beam combining unit with separately switchable laser lines

Features of our multi-wavelength laser modules:

– Up to 100 mW output power depending on the wavelength

– Customized configuratiosn and modifications available

– Standard fiber connectors or collimated beam output

– Fixed or seperable fiber coupling

– Single mode, multimode or polarization maintaining fibers

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