MarCal 16 EWRi- קליבר דיגיטלי עם תקשורת Wireless!

מכשיר למדידה ידנית של היצרן הגרמני MAHR, המוביל את תעשיית המכשור הידני המדוייק (Precision Gages) העולמית.
משפחת מכשירי המדידה הידניים של MAHR, כוללת בין היתר את המכשור שלהלן:

MarCal -Digital depth gages, Calipers (With scale reading/ with large digital display/ Excellent protection against dust, coolants and lubricants/ For measuring deep down)

Micromar-Digital Micrometers with integrated wireless
Digimar-Height Measuring Instruments (Perfect for accurate measurements in the production environments),  scribing gages
Mara Meter-Indicating Measuring Instruments
Marasurf Ps10-Mobile roughness Measuring Units
MarTest– Dial Test Indicator measuring device
MarCator-Precision Dial Indicator, with a lifter protection cap, with large display
Millimar-Gaging computer, Measuring software, Probes, Evaluation Instruments
Multimar-Indicator gage, Universal Measuring Instruments
MarTool-Measuring and Inspection Equipment
MarStand-Articulated Stand with magnetic base, simple one handle positionin
-Ceramic optical parallels gage block set for testing and calibrating micrometers

MarCal – 16 EWRi- Digital calipers with Intergated Wireless

  • High contrast analog display
  • Locking screw above
  • Lapped guideway
  • Measuring blade for inside measurements
  • Slide and beam made of hardened stainless steel
  • Step measuring function
  • Immediate measurements due to the Reference System
  • Raised guideway for the protection of the scale
  • Excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants
  • Dirt wipers are integrated in the slide
  • Integrated wireless
  • IP 67
  • battery
  • instruction manual
  • case
  • Battery life approx. 3 years (approx. 0.5 in wireless mode)
  • Height of digits: 11 mm
    • ON/OFF
    • AUTO-ON / OFF
    • HOLD (storage of measured values)
    • RESET (set display to zero)
    • PRESET (for entering a numerical value)
    • Reversal of counting direction
    • mm/inch
    • LOCK function (key lock)
    • DATA (data transmission)
    • Technical Data:

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