MARSTAND-3D Articulated Arm


מבחר מעמדים למכשירי מדידה (בגדלים שונים ), של היצרן הגרמני MAHR, המוביל את תעשיית המכשור הידני המדוייק (Precision Gages) העולמית. ליין מכשירי המדידה של MAHR כולל בין היתר:

MarCal -Digital depth gages, Calipers (With scale reading/ with large digital display/ Excellent protection against dust, coolants and lubricants/ For measuring deep down)
Micromar-Digital Micrometers with integrated wireless
Digimar-Height Measuring Instruments (Perfect for accurate measurements in the production environments), scribing gages
Mara Meter-Indicating Measuring Instruments
Marasurf Ps10-Mobile roughness Measuring Units
MarTest– Dial Test Indicator measuring device
MarCator-Precision Dial Indicator, with a lifter protection cap, with large display
Millimar-Gaging computer, Measuring software, Probes, Evaluation Instruments
Multimar-Indicator gage, Universal Measuring Instruments
MarTool-Measuring and Inspection Equipment
MarStand-Articulated Stand with magnetic base, simple one handle positionin
MarGage-Ceramic optical parallels gage block set for testing and calibrating micrometers

  • 3D jointed arm, can reach any position within the operating range
  • Easy positioning of all three joints with a securely fixed handle
  • Maintenance-free mechanical clamping system
  • Black anodized arm components made from high-quality light alloy
  • Dial indicator holder with 8 mm mounting bore and dovetail for dial test indicator measuring devices
  • Fitted with zero-play micro-precision adjuster
  • Very powerful switching magnet

 Technical data

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