Phantom S710

The Phantom S710 can achieve over 700,000 frames-per-second (fps) when resolutions are reduced. At its full resolution, 1280 x 800, for the widest field of view and the best image detail possible, the S710 can produce up to 7,275 fps. This powerful machine vision camera is capable of this by combining the functionality of the proven VEO 710 sensor with standard machine vision industry protocols such as CXP6 and GenICam.

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1 Mpx sensor with 20 µm pixels
Data streams in up to 2 Gpx/sec, 4 Gpx/sec, 7 Gpx/sec
Streams into either 4-port or 8-port Frame Grabbers
Record to DVR for long record time applications
Mechanical Shutter for remote black reference
GPIO for trigger and signaling
Data conservation through reduced resolutions and 8-bit selection

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