ProCapture – פענוח ועיבוד תמונה 

מערכת לניתוח ועיבוד תמונה הכוללת מצלמה/מצלמות, תוכנת עיבוד ויחידות מחשוב לצורך סינכרון ואגירת החוזי.
המערכת מאפשרת ניתוח תמונה בדיוק גבוה, והיא ידידותית מאוד למשתמש.
ניתן לשלב מצלמות בקצב צילום גבוה לצורך ניתוח תמונה של תופעות מהירות.
המערכת הינה אידאלית לניתוח תמונה עבור מגוון רחב של יישומי מחקר, ביו-מכאניקה והנדסה, בהם: מדידת הלמים, רעידות ותזוזות.


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מערכת לעיבוד תמונה




Xcitex introduces the first fully-integrated, low-cost video/data

collection system for recording of motion. Based on the award-winning

MiDAS platform, ProCapture is the next advancement in video-based non

-invasive motion capture. Combine ProCapture with ProAnalyst® to

produce the best motion capture/analysis solution available.

ProCapture is easy to set up, accurate and a more affordable solution

than other systems on the market. ProAnalyst software helped get us

started with analyzing our own videos.

ProCapture software with touchscreen graphical interface

Xcitex XC-2 high-speed camera. Shoot up to 1000 fps and resolutions up

to 1920 x 1080.

Each ProCapture system includes up to 8 new Xcitex high-speed cameras

that can record up to 1000 frames of video per second — 10 times

faster than the standard video rate — to slow-down fast moving

objects for later analysis. Add up to 32 channels of synchronized data

collection to monitor gauges, sensors, force plates and EMG inputs.

With automatically synchronized high-speed video and data capture, you

can capture a full profile of an object into a ProAnalyst project.

ProCapture systems record for up to 5 hours so you won"t miss any

important events while your cameras are downloading, arming or

triggering. By streaming the video and data to disk, you can be

assured that all the motion is captured, leaving you free to manage

your experiment.

The heart of the ProCapture system is the new Xcitex high-speed

camera, which can achieve megapixel resolution up to 170

frames/second, with maximum speeds of up to 1000 frames/second. Just

connect the cameras to the processor with one single cable. The

cameras automatically synchronize with each other — no extra cables,

no software settings.

The ProCapture hardware — video cameras and data collection — is

controlled by the easy to navigate ProCapture software.

The ProCapture system is part of the "Xcitex Professional Motion

System" and has been designed to work seamlessly with Xcitex"s

ProAnalyst motion analysis software and the upcoming ProViewer free

viewer. Together, these provide integrated motion capture, motion

analysis, remote viewing and file exchange. ProCapture events are

saved as ProAnalyst project files.

The ProCapture motion capture system has been optimized for scientists

who study biomechanics, kinesiology, mechanical engineering, shock and

vibration, and automotive applications.

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