Video Measuring Microscopes -VMSergo

Video Measuring Microscopes -VMSergo  מיקרוסקופ מדידה

  • high valuable, telecentric measuring objectives with distorsion correction
  • stable aluminium cast stand
  • coaxial coarse and fine focus drive, easily reachable
  • measuring stage with quick and fine-adjustment or motorized axes
  • integrated stepless ring, coaxial incident and transimitted light
  • the latest high resolution video technology provides a digital zoom function (no re-magnification, real pixel resolution)
  • integrated measuring computerwith  oms measuring software and flat panel display
  • high resolution digital video camera

Movement range X / Y / Z (mm) Options / Accessories
hand driven 150*100*150 • z measurement
• various centre supports
• digital read-out QC300
• turret with mirco-objectives
motorized 150*100*150 • Z-Messung
• various centre supports
• digital read-out QC300
• turret with mirco-objectives

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