DP Series Lasers

High Pulse Energy Air Cooled Diode Pulse Pumped Laser

 Consuming no more than ~50W of electrical power, the DP Series remarkably produces up to 20mJ of optical output energy at 100Hz rep rate. Photonics Industries’ line of pulsed diode pumped lasers fit applications that require short pulse requirement.

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The High pulse energy version is available in combinations of: IR (1053nm), green (527nm), UV (351nm) and/or DUV (263nm). These IR, green, UV and DUV wavelengths also can be User Selectable Wavelength (USW) outputted for fast wavelength selection enabling novel material processing applications.

The High rep rate version, the DP2K Series, fit applications that require high pulse energies at up to 2kHz rep rates with low power consumption. The DP2K Series is available in IR (1064nm), green (532nm) and/or DUV (266nm).

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