DX Air-Cooled UV/Green Series Nanosecond Lasers

High Power Compact ns Lasers

A pioneer of intracavity generation with 25 + years of manufacturing experience and well over ten thousand shipments worldwide, Photonics Industries offers the broadest nanosecond (ns) UV product selection from 1W to 55W* at 355nm and Green product selection from 2W to 100W* at 532nm.

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With its new revolutionary packaging, our new DX AirCooled Series has smaller form factor, higher performance and shorter pulse widths compared to its ancestor, the DCH series, providing the most compact UV output powers from 1W to 7W and Green output powers from 2W to 14W. The DX AirCooled Series lasers provide the highest average power from one of the smallest footprint, lightest weight short pulse width, high peak power aircooled industrial ns lasers commercially available in UV and Green.

Owing to key patented technologies, intracavity harmonic generation is inherently a more efficient harmonic conversion that provides unmatched superior beam quality, as well as better beam pointing stability in a simple, compact laser configuration making this laser the perfect tool for precision manufacturing.

Standard feature-rich packed software allowing for adjustable output power using real-time TTL and/or analog control signals enables high quality process optimization all with ease of handling, high throughput, uncompromised process quality and long-term stability in 24/7 applications with a low Cost of Ownership (COO).

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