Phantom S640

מצלמה לצילום מהיר מדגם Phantom S640 מסדרת מצלמות המהירות Machine Vision Streaming – של חברת Vision Research – המצלמות המהירות בעולם.

מצלמה מהירה זו מאפשרת צילום וידאו דיגיטלי בקצב של למעלה מ 1,480 FPS ברזולוציה של 2560*1600 MPx.

הצילום בשיטת הStreaming מאפשר הקלטה חיצונית של צילום איטי של תופעות מהירות מאד, ללא מגבלה בזמן ההקלטה, וזאת בזכות התקן זיכרון חיצוני ייעודי לכל מצלמה, הלוכד מעל6 Gpx/sec (75 Gbps) של דאטה, ליצירת תמונות איכותיות ומקצועיות!

מהנדסי ATS הוכשרו במעבדות היצרן ובעלי ניסיון רב בשטח במתן שירותי צילום באמצעות מצלמות ה PHANTOM ובהתאמת פרופיל המצלמה ומערכי הצילום לאתגרים העומדים בפני הלקוח.

אנו מחזיקים במצלמות מהירות באולם התצוגה שלנו בנתניה, ומזמינים אתכם לתאם הדגמה ולשתף אותנו באתגרים הטכנולוגיים העומדים בפניכם: 09-9574111 /

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The Phantom S640 provides up to 6 Gpx/sec (75 Gbps) of data throughput for Machine Vision applications. It leverages the popular and proven VEO640 sensor to deliver high quality 4 Mpx images.

• Up to 1,480 fps at 2560 x 1600
• Global Shutter
• 8 and 12-bit selectable
• GenICam protocol compliant

The Phantom S640 supports cutting edge machine vision applications with up to 6Gpx/sec throughput provided through up to 16 CXP6 channels. A mechanical shutter and EOS lens compatibility allow remote black referencing and focus control to improve image quality. The S640 also comes with It comes with GPIO for Trigger, Event, Memgate, Strobe, and Ready signals, and Time Code In/Out with a time stamp on the frame.

Key Features:
• 4Mpx sensor with 10 µm pixel size and 12-bit depth
• Data streams in up to 2, 4, or 6 Gpx/sec
• GPIO for trigger and signaling
• Record to DVR for long record time applications
• Stream data directly to 4-port or 8-port frame grabbers
• EOS lens compatible for remote focus
• Mechanical shutter for remote black referencing
• CXP6 and GenICam protocol compliant
• Data conservation through reduced resolutions and 8-bit selection

What’s in the box?
• Power supply with XLR extender
• Printed manual

Resolution FPS
2560 x 1600 1,480
1920 x 1280 2,340
1920 x 1088 2,750
1280 x 720 5,640
640 x 480 12,060
128 x 16 200,715
Common resolutions and framerates, other resolutions available.

Short Description
• The Phantom S640 brings the high-speed capabilities of the popular Phantom VEO 640 to
Machine Vision. The S640 has a proven Phantom 4Mpx sensor and can stram up to
6Gpx/sec via CXP6.
• 6Gpx/sec (75 Gbps)
• Full resolution 1,480 fps
• At 128 x 16 maximum fps is 200,715 Sensor Specifications
• Phantom CMOS sensor
• 12-bit pixel depth
• 2560 x 1600 pixels
• 10 µm pixel size
• 30.18mm diagonal
• Noise: 20.5e-
• Dynamic Range: 55.9dB
• CAR in 128 x 16
• Global Shutter
• ISO Monochrome: 6400D
• ISO Color: 1250D

• 1μs minimum exposure


• NA – the S640 streams data immediately into customer-provided frame-grabbers or DVRs

Record Times
• Dependent on customer storage

Special Features
• Configurable to stream up to 2Gpx/sec, 4Gpx/sec, or 6Gpx/sec
• Selectable 8-bit and 12-bit output
• Mechanical Shutter for black reference

• Trigger either through Software or GPIO trigger signal
Timing and Synchronization
• Time Code In/Out

• GPIO:Event In, Trigger In, Memgate
• Strobe Out, Trigger Out, Ready
• Software Trigger Out

• Up to 16 CoaXPress (CXP 6) channels, provided in banks of 4 channels each

Camera Control
• GenICam compliant

• Nikon F-mount standard, supports F & G style lenses
• Canon EOS mount optional (Manual focus only)
• C-mount optional
• (lens not included)

Video Processing
• Video processing capabilities through GenICam

• 20 – 28 VDC, 45 W
• 65 Watt 100 – 240 VAC power supply available

Mechanical Specifications
• Size (without lens mount) 14.5 x 14.5 x 19.0 cm (L x H x W); 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.5 in.
• Weight: 1.62 Kg (3.6 Lb.)

Environmental Specifications
• Operating Temperature: -10°C – +50°C

Ships Standard With
• Getting Started Guide
• Power Supply

• Canon EOS lens mount
• C-mount

Popular Accessories
• 65-Watt Power supply
• GPIO cable
• CXP Cables
• Frame Grabber cards

Miro Power Supply
65W power supply for Miro C110, S640, and S990
EOS Lens Mount for VEO and Miro M/R/LC/Lab Series Cameras
Canon EOS Lens Mount for Phantom VEO and Miro M/R/LC/Lab Series Cameras. Provides electronic aperture and focus control. NOT Compatible with VEO4K models.
C-Mount Lens Mount for Phantom VEO and Miro M/R/LC/Lab Series Cameras
C-Mount Lens Mount for Phantom VEO and Miro M/R/LC/Lab Series Cameras
CXP Cable
The CXP cable makes continuous imaging possible.

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