תוכנת ProAnalyst Motion Analysis Software מבית Xcitex

תוכנה ייעודית וייחודית לצורך ביצוע מדידות על אובייקטים בתנועה. התוכנה מאפשרת ייבוא קבצי וידאו בכל פורמט, וביצוע ניתוח ומדידות באופן מיידי של קבצי הרכשת התמונה.
תוכנת ProAnalyst מאפשרת להפוך את המצלמה לכלי מדידה מדוייק ללא מגע, ומבצעת עקיבה אחר האובייקטים בתמונה, ללא צורך בסימון מטרות מקדים.

יתרון נוסף של תוכנת ProAnalyst הוא שהיא מאפשרת ניתוחי דו ותלת מימד ממספר מקורות וידאו.

התוכנה מספקת מגוון מדידות, ביניהן: מדידת מיקום, מהירות, תאוצה, גודל והתפשטות.

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ProAnalyst is the world"s premier software package for automatically measuring moving objects with video. ProAnalyst allows you to import virtually any video and quickly extract and quantify motion within that video. Used extensively by NASA, engineers, broadcasters, researchers and athletes, ProAnalyst is the ideal companion software to any prosumer, scientific and industrial video camera, and vice versa. With ProAnalyst, any video camera becomes a non-contact test instrument.

Revolutionary Low-Cost Motion Analysis Software

ProAnalyst allows users to measure and track velocity, position, size, acceleration, location and other characteristics.
ProAnalyst is the first low-cost software package that works with many videos — from AVI to MJPEG — so you can use it with any camera to measure any moving object. Analysis results can be instantly graphed and reviewed, compared against external data, and exported to a variety of output formats for further analysis or presentation purposes.

Automated Tracking

ProAnalyst goes far beyond the standard pattern tracking algorithms offered by other software packages. ProAnalyst enables the user to track features without having to use special markers, such as ping- pong balls, in the experimental setup. After the user selects a feature in the initial video frame, the Automatic Tracking tool finds and tracks that feature in all subsequent frames, providing real-time data and measurements.

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

In addition to standard data vs. time graphing, ProAnalyst offers 2- and 3-axis graphing, allowing the user to compare data from different video sources simultaneously. A data import feature also enables synchronization of external sensor data with video analysis data. All of these results can be exported to Excel or DIAdem. ProAnalyst even generates PowerPoint presentations, printer-friendly reports, and HTML web pages to bring your project to completion.

Unlimited Applications

Used by engineers at NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, ProAnalyst powers the most demanding analytical applications. Leading research universities use ProAnalyst for physiological analysis from the cellular level to biomechanical level.

ProAnalyst"s comprehensive

capabilities are also used in product development, testing, and manufacturing. With ProAnalyst, any digital video can yield quantitative data for any application.

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