Active Target

לייזר טרקר אוטומטי העוקב אחרי אובייקט בתנועה מתוצרת היצרן האמריקאי המוביל בעולם API, בתחום סורקי לייזר

ACTIVE TARGET-Motorized laser tracking Target

Automatic target tracking
The award-winning Active Target is a next generation Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR) equipped with a unique motorized response. Once the Active Target SMR links with an API laser tracker, this motorized functionality keeps the SMR oriented to the laser tracker without the beam ever being lost. Enabling the active target for automated measurement in machine tools, robots, CMM or any other movable objects where a standard SMR cannot do the job.


  • VEC Calibrations
  • Machine Tools
  • Moving Vehicles
  • CMM Tracking
  • Robotics
  • Rails amd More

Features & Benefits

  • Motorized Targeting
    Active Target’s built-in motorized technology automatically orients the reflector to face the laser tracker regardless of part movement, speeding up the measurement process and eliminating human error.
  • 360° of Measurement
    The center reflector of the motorized target has 360° rotation enabling continuous lock-on to the laser tracker and eliminating beam breaks (infinite AZ rotation).
  • SMR Grade Target Centering
    Active Target reflector has same accuracy as a SMR.
  • Safe and Easy Use
    Battery powered and cable free, Active Target is safe
    and will not snag on machine parts.
  • Mounting Versatility
    Weighing in at only 2 lbs., the Active Target is designed to be mounted even on Robots and CNC machines with small payload.
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360° Unlimited

Azimuth Tracking Angle


Elevation Tracking Angle

40  Meters (131 Feet)

Tracking Distance


Tracking Angular Speed

+/-12.5 μm


Optic Centering Accuracy

0.9 kg (2.0 lbs.)


M3 (qty:8)

Mounting Screws

Li-Ion Battery (Internal)


16 Hours (Estimated Normal Use) 0.8kg (1.75 lbs.)

Battery Time

0.8kg (1.75 lbs.)

Target Weight

5.33 cm x 11.18 cm (2.1 in x 4.4 in)

Target Dimensions

16.76 cm (6.6 in) with Shank 12.19 cm (4.8 in) without Shank

Target Height

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