About us

We provide advanced technological solutions and unique engineering services in the fields of:

  • Production and Quality Assurance
  • Experiments, laboratories, and Research
  • Electro-Optics

Our story begins over 40 years ago and since then we have represented in Israel the leading manufacturers in the world in our fields of activity.

We are a professional bridge between the manufacturers of the most advanced technologies in the world and the Israeli industrial and research companies.

We believe in excellence and strive to give our customers the professional and best service, and therefore we are acquiring the most advanced technologic knowledge available in the world. Our Account Managers and Application Engineers undergo advanced trainings on a regular basis, in the abroad facilities of the companies we represent.

We maintain a permanent and consistent contact with the manufacturers we represent in Israel, and they are regularly participating in ATS activities in Israel.

Our showroom and company offices located in Amot Poleg complex, Netanya.

In our showroom we present the most advanced systems in the world Such as the ZEISS CT Metrotom 1500 machine.

Our Field of Activities are:

Metrology and Quality Assurance:

Industrial CT, CMMs, 3D Scanners, Optical Metrology for large objects, Laser Tracker, Industrial Microscopes, Confocal microscopes, Handheld measurement tools, Inspection and Reverse Engineering software.

Electro Optics:

Variety of Lasers, Wavelength Meters, Power meters, Modulators, breadboards, Spectrometers, FORJ. Machine vision: Cameras and accessories, Motion Analysis Software.

Test & Measurement:

High speed cameras, Data Acquisition Systems, Signal Analysis Software, Optical Strain Measurement & Analysis, Image processing and analysis services, Optical Thickness Gauge.


ATS was founded in 1977 by the late Mr. Yossi Reiss.

Since 2013, the company has been run by Dror Reiss, the son of the founder Yossi.

The company is certified in the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard and operates a service and maintenance laboratory that provides repair and support services in Israel.

ATS is a certificate supplier for all the Israeli defense industries a well as for all the Israeli academic institutions.

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