ATS – 40 Years Of Excellence
,Offices: 16 Benny Gaon st. Building 1A
Netanya 4250802, ISRAEL
P.O.B 14135 Netanya 4204002, ISRAEL
Tel. +972-9-9574111
Our Customers
ATS is an innovative, cutting edge company dealing with the highest quality equipment in the engineering industry.
ATS represents and distributes foreign manufacturers of hardware and software solutions in Israel.
ATS is a company having 40 years of experience, knows how to identify correctly the needs of the Israeli market.
Therefore, we chose the greatest variety of technical solutions, plus large variety of demo equipment and systems as shown in our Show Room.
In Our Advanced Lab, we are performing tests with our equipment, we are preparing and modifying new equipment for new customers, according to their needs (pre, and post-sales support).
Our Human Capital: ATS employs 14 people, including 4 sales engineers and 4 service and support engineers.
40 Years of Excellence:
ATS was established in 1977 by Mr. Yossi Reiss.
The founder's son, Mr. Dror Reiss, has been the CEO since 2013.
ATS's offices located in Netanya (20 km north of Tel Aviv).
ATS is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Field of Activities:
Metrology and Quality Assurance: Multi probe CMMs, 3D Scanners, Optical Metrology for large objects, Laser Tracker, Video Measuring Microscopes, Confocal microscope, Handy measurements tools, Inspection and Reverse Engineering software.
Electro Optics: Variety of Lasers, Wavelength Meters, Power meters, Modulators, breadboards, Spectrometers, FORJ. High Speed Imaging: Cameras and accessories, Motion Analysis Software.
Test & Measurement: High speed cameras, Data Acquisition Systems, Signal Analysis Software, Optical Strain Measurement & Analysis, Image processing and analysis services, Optical Thickness Gauge.
Components and Sensors: Strain Gage, Fiber optic point sensors, Temperature and pressure sensors, ad…
CNC systems: Specializes in the manufacture and processing of metals, composites and ceramics in the aerospace world, for items requiring high precision, including: aircraft engines, jet engines, blades, Blisks (Bladed disks), and more.
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